Monday, January 19, 2009


Here are a few more interactive sites that could prove useful. and Both sites are informative and provide great diagrams and descriptions of human anatomy.
I found this one pretty helpful too:

Anatomy Spring 2009

Another semester has begun and I am finding all kinds of fun websites to use in the Anatomy class. Check out this one

It requires a registration, but it is well worth it. No fees as far as I can tell. This software is incredible! You can pick a part of the body to work on and move it around as you move your cursor. You can actually look inside the skull and find all those tiny bones that broke off our lab skulls:)

I will be posting weekly, and I generally try to find interactive sites to use in conjunction with the text and lab manuals. I left a few things from the previous Bio class that some of you may find useful this semester. Check them out!