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Following is a compilation of useful websites by Jane Horlings from Saddleback. Priceless!! Check out the atlas of Histology...

Skeletal System. From Pennsylvania State University. Not really interactive, but good photos, numbered structures, then you can reveal the “answers” to quiz yourself. Links to pictures, information, and quizzes on the human skeletal system.

Bones of the Body. A clickable list of all of the bones of the human body, then a picture labels the parts, and displays answers when the number of the item is clicked upon. Very useful for all of these skeletal units, although the detail for some bones is limited, particularly the skull. From Loyola University of Chicago Medical School.

Bones and Features of the Skull. Great set of photographs, descriptions, and clickable details from Fankhauser at the University of Cincinnati Clermont College.

The Skull Practical Exam. This is designed to teach you the bones and landmarks of the skull. You can toggle back and forth between question and answer mode. From Loyola University Medical Education Network (LUMEN). This is very good practice for our practical!

Skull Anatomy Tutorial. Clickable images of the bones, and then close up, labeled photographs. Foramina are well done. From Gateway Community College (Phoenix AZ)
(here’s the main page for all skeleton tutorials from Maricopa with links to all body parts):

Skull Module. A thorough treatment of the bones of the skull, combining labeled bones and descriptive text. From the California State University at Chico.

Skeleton: The Bones. From the University of British Columbia. Click on the link (Al’s Tutorials) in the upper left corner for tutorials/quizzes.

Don’t forget to study the knee! Good diagrams at:

WebAnatomy: Bones. Self-tests and links to more quizzes etc. from the University of Minnesota.

Daily Skeletal Anatomy Practice Quizzes. From the Lone Star College!

Gray’s Anatomy, 1918. All 1000+ engravings online, as well as descriptions.

Histology: Microscopic Anatomy of the Skeleton

Jay Doc Histo Web. The University of Kansas (the Blue Jays) Histology site. You can click on cartilage and bone to view photomicrographs and electron micrographs of histological sections. Expanded views show much detail.

Cartilage and Bone. A large number of excellent photomicrographs with descriptive text from Loyola University Medical Education Network (LUMEN).

Cartilage and Bone. Good photomicrographs with labels and text.

Connective Tissue. Worth a quick look with the easy mouse-overs.

Radiographic Images

Radiographic Imaging of the Skeleton. Super link with labeled X-rays!

Radiographic Anatomy of the Skeleton. From the University of Washington. Excellent, detailed, labeled X-rays. You can ask for it to be labeled or unlabeled.

Diagnostic Imaging for the Physical Therapist. Great X-rays to practice identifying structures! Try some of the cases in the Radiology Self Assessment. Click on the image to enlarge it, then you can click to add labels (click on “Show Me a Labeled Version”)


Model Index. Go to “Skin/Skeletal” or just scroll down. Shows the model of the knee and the osteon that we have in lab, click to enlarge. From Palomar College.

Model Index, put together by Margaret Steinberg at El Camino College, shows many of the same models we have.

Model List. From MiraCosta College; pictures of models, skulls, and individual skull bones with mouse-over labels.

General Histology Resources. These will be useful in studying tissues of the skeletal system. These topics may or may not be covered on Practical I, depending on time available and the discretion of your instructor. These resources certainly will be useful to you as the semester progresses, as we will be doing histology with each lab unit.

Jay Doc Histo Web. The University of Kansas (the Blue Jays) Histology site. You can click on thumbnails to view photomicrographs of histological sections. Expanded views show much detail.

LUMEN Virtual Histology. From the Loyola University Medical Education Network. Good quizzing feature.

Epithelium. Dr. B’s Histology Web Site. From Rutgers. Great site! Lots of text information accompanying the photomicrographs.

University of Delaware Histology. First go to:
Then go to Color Images of Histological Sections. Huge, high definition photomicrographs!

Histology. Great photomicrographs and text information from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Histology. University of Virginia Health System - Cell and Tissue Structure. Click on a system, then images for photomicrographs and great informative text. Not everything is available for students outside the U VA system, but the images are.

Southern Illinois University, U. of Medicine Histology. Good images, labels, description of tissue.

Microanatomy Web Atlas. University of Texas Medical Branch, Cell Biology Graduate Program. Good images, descriptions, study questions.

Histology. From the Veterinary School of the University of Pennsylvania. Great photographs! Investigate them by tissue type or organ system.

Ed's Basic Histology Gallery: University of Health Sciences, Kansas City. Scroll down for the lengthy list of images.

Atlas of Histology. College of Medicine, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Good practical quizzes. The mouse-overs will “talk” to you!

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