Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So...this post is for the real anatomy geeks out there who want to reinforce their knowledge and ace that next test no matter what it takes. Go to itunes and look through their audio and video podcast list. If you type in anatomy as a search, all kinds of interesting things come up. Forget that cardio mix during your morning run...listen to a little neuron action!

I found a few great free podcasts on the nervous system, complete with diagrams and drawings. These are actual classroom lectures, so there is some information that is irrelevant, but most of the content is great. I was amazed at how it solidified the information gained in our class and lecture. Here are two of my favorites:

Anatomy and Physiology with Doc C. I believe that I initially looked under biology 2110/2120 and this came up. I subscribed to this podcast and uploaded several that were relevant right now. Another was ZOOL 1090. This is a great lecture with a professor and several students in a question and answer type format. The content is great and it is a video podcast, so you can observe the diagrams and models that he uses. Good stuff!

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